RF Foundry

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MACOM's Foundry Services Team Helps Bring Your Designs to Production

  • Mature 100-mm GaN production line
  • RF MMIC on-wafer probe / dice
  • Automatic Optical Inspection (AOI)
  • Foundry applications support

GaN Foundry Services

MACOM’s RF foundry services team turns designs into reality. We have the design assistance, testing capability and support to realize your specifications from initial development to recurring production.

Shared GaN Foundry Wafers

MACOM offers shared mask service with reduced cost and MMIC size, providing multiple customers the opportunity to get their MMIC designs fabricated faster.


Applications Service Features  Circuit Types

5G infrastructure

AWR Design Environment (Microwave Office) and Keysight Technologies’ ADS process design kits

High-power FET amplifiers

Satellite communications

Layout support and DRC

Broadband amplifiers

Ultra-wide band EW

Development lots in dedicated and shared mask options

High-efficiency amplifiers

Two-way private radio

Electrical test services available

High IP3 amplifiers

Test instrumentation

Visual screening

Multi-function integrated MMICs

Broadband amplifiers


FET limiters

EW jammers


High-power FET switches

Class A, AB, linear amplifiers suitable with OFDM, QPSK, QAM, FM waveforms


High-IP3 FET mixers




Military communications


Phase shifters


Low-noise amplifiers


Foundry Engagement Options

MACOM offers two foundry service options for GaN die design:

  1. Customer creates design and layout. Completed artwork is submitted to MACOM for fabrication.
  2. Customer engages MACOM design services to create custom die design and layout per customer specifications.


GaN HEMT MMIC Processes





  G28V5 G28V4 G40V4 G28V3 G50V3 G50V4
Gate Length 0.15µm 0.25µm 0.25µm 0.4µm 0.4µm 0.25µm
Bias Voltage 28V 28V 40V 28V 50V 50V
Breakdown Voltage >84V >84V >120V >84V >150V >150V
RF Density 3.75W/mm 4.5W/mm 6W/mm 4.5W/mm 8W/mm 8.5W/mm
Frequency Band DC - 40GHz DC - 18GHz DC - 18GHz DC - 8GHz DC - 6GHz DC - 18GHz
SiC Substrate thickness 75µm 100µm 100µm 100µm 100µm 100µm
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Product Design Kits (PDKs) and Models 

MACOM has the tools to accelerate the design process, assure first time design success and accelerate production.

  • Scalable non-linear model
  • Passives created with MACOM design rules
  • Full schematic-driven layout
  • Real time design rule-checking

MACOM offers non-linear, scalable GaN HEMT models for MMICs, as well as full PDKs for Keysight Technologies’ Advanced Design System (ADS) and Cadence/AWR Microwave Office (MWO). 


Process Qualification Reports

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RF Portal Models

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GaN Foundry Dedicated Wafers

MACOM fabricates a fully custom wafer run containing the customer’s exclusive die designs. The entire reticle is available for the customer MMIC or discrete device content. Diced, PCM-good wafers are delivered.

  • Custom designs
  • DRC, layout, and model support
  • DC/RF on-wafer testing services optional
  • Die pick and place to gel pack available
  • Plastic overmold packaging services available for select lead frames

Trusted Foundry

MACOM is a DMEA Certified Trusted Foundry.

MACOM’s GaN foundry services are executed in a Defense Microelectronics Activity (DMEA) certified Category 1A trusted-foundry. We have manufacturing and statistical process controls in place to enable quick and reliable turnaround times.

Foundry Training

MACOM offers in-depth training for RF Microwave engineers who want to learn how to design in the MACOM FAB. Basic knowledge of MMIC design and experience using Microwave Office (MWO) or Advanced Design System (ADS) is required.

This training will offer RF Microwave engineers the opportunity to:

  • Learn how to best utilize the PDK
  • Explore HEMT and passive device models
  • Understand the proper steps in designing a MMIC or HEMT
  • Follow proper procedures for submitting a design