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-20 V to -50 V Driver for AlGaAs PIN Diode Switches

The MADR-011020 switch driver is designed to work with MACOM’s high power AlGaAs PIN diode switches. This driver has complementary outputs which can provide up to 50 mA bias current to a SPDT AlGaAs PIN diode switch. An all-off RF state can be achieved with the EN pin of this driver. An extra control C2 with driver select DS are provided to allow two drivers working together to drive a SP3T or SP4T switch.  

The back bias voltage can be selected to be any voltage between -20 V and -50 V. This switch driver can be easily controlled by standard TTL logic. With low quiescent current, this driver has a typical delay of <60 ns when driving a 10 pF capacitive load.  

This driver is packaged in a lead free 4 mm 16-lead PQFN package and is available in tape and reel packaging for high volume applications.

  • -20 V to -50 V Back Bias
  • 50 mA Sinking / Sourcing Current
  • Propagation Delay <60 ns Driving 10 pF Capacitive Load
  • Quiescent Currents <1 mA
  • TTL Logic Control
  • Internal Active Pull Down for All Logic Controls
  • Internal Power Sequencer Eliminates External Power Sequencing
  • 4 mm 16-Lead PQFN Package
  • RoHS* Compliant
  • Aerospace and Defense
  • ISM
  • Vcc: 5 V
  • Vee: -50 V
  • ISOURCE: 50 mA
  • ISINK: 50 mA
  • Propagation Delay: 60 ns
  • Rise/Fall Time: 50 ns
  • 4 mm 16-Lead PQFN Package
Package Category
  • 4 mm 16-Lead PQFN Package
  • Yes
Part Number Package MACOM Richardson RFPD DigiKey Mouser Richardson Electronics
Driver, AlGaAs, 2 CH, +5V/50mA, -50V/50mA
4mm PQFN-16LD Inquire
Driver, AlGaAs/GaN, 2 CH, +5V/30mA, -40V/1mA
4mm PQFN-16LD Inquire
Driver, AlGaAs/GaN, 2 CH, +5V/30mA, -40V/1mA
4mm PQFN-16LD
In Stock: 946
In Stock: 938

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