Burst Mode Laser Driver/Limiting Amplifier + DDMI Controller and APD DC-DC Controller & EEPROM

The M02099/M02100 is a low power, highly integrated, programmable burst mode laser driver and continuous mode limiting amplifier intended for ONU/ONT applications to 3.1 Gbps. An internal state machine and EEPROM perform all functions necessary for standalone operation (EEPROM is internal in the M02100 and an external EEPROM may be used with the M02099 but is not required). The internal state machine will acquire and scale all the necessary monitoring parameters in real time and makes them available to the MAC or an external host controller. EEPROM allows the M02099/M02100 to be re-calibrated multiple times and operate without external control or under the control of an external microcontroller or MAC. All optical component calibration information is stored internally in EEPROM and no external microcontroller is needed on a module. Use of the M02099/M02100 will minimize power consumption, parts count, provide design flexibility and simplify manufacturing processes. The laser driver can be configured to control the laser with either open loop look-up tables or one of three different closed loop methods using monitor photodiode feedback (including MACOM proprietary Dual Closed Loop and Single Closed Loop (modulation) modes).

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1.25G ONU combo chip + EEPROM
Laser Driver,Limiting Amplifier
1.25G ONU combo chip + EEPROM
Laser Driver,Limiting Amp,
Laser Driver,Limiting Amp,