PIN Switch and Attenuator Diodes

MACOM’s PIN switch and attenuator diodes provide broadband performance from 1 MHz to 70 GHz. Available in die form, SURMOUNTTM, flip chip, plastic and ceramic packaging. These products are excellent choices for your switch, limiter, phase shifter and attenuator circuit applications. These diodes are available in Silicon, GaAs and AlGaAs technologies.

MADP-007448-0287BT PIN Diode
MA4SPS302 Surmount PIN Diode
MA44781 Anti-Parallel for MRI
MADP-007448-11410T PIN Diode
MADP-030015-13140P Surmount PIN Diode
MASW-011164-20120T PIN Diode Shunt Switch Element 50 MHz to 10 GHz
MA4SPS402 Surmount PIN Diode
MMPN080150 MMPN Series PIN Diodes
MA4P604-258 PIN Diode
MA4P604-255 PIN Diode
MA4P7436CA-1146T PIN Diode
MA4P7452F-1072T PIN Diode
MA4P606-36 PIN Diode
MADP-007455-12790T PIN Diode
MA4P203-30 PIN Diode
SMPN7335-SOD323 Silicon PIN Diode
MA4PH301 Axial Lead PIN Diode
MPN7312A-H20 Silicon PIN Diode
MADP-007448-1146BT PIN Diode
MA4P607-43 PIN Diode
MA4P404-30 PIN Diode
MGPN1503-C01A MGPN Series GaAs PIN Diodes
MEST2G-100-20-CM33 PIN Diode Switch Element
SMPN7316-SOD323 Silicon PIN Diode
MADP-07006B-NM401T Non- Magnetic High Power PIN Diodes
MADP-000402-12530P Surmount PIN Diode
MA4P504-120 PIN Diode
MMSPN050-C53 Microstrip PIN Diodes
MNP0010-ET47P Silicon PIN Diode: NIP
MNP0012-ET47P Silicon PIN Diode: NIP
MMP7023 Fast Switching, Low Power
MNP0014-ET47P Silicon PIN Diode: NIP
MADP-000502-12700P PIN Diode
MA4PK3001 High Peak, Avg. Power
MADP-042905-130600 Surmount PIN Diode
MADP-007155-0287DT PIN Diode
MA4P7433ST-1146T PIN Diode
MADP-042408-130600 Surmount PIN Diode
MGPN0515-C12 MGPN Series GaAs PIN Diodes
MADP-007448-0287GT PIN Diode
MADP-007436-1146DT PIN Diode
MA4P7433ST-287T PIN Diode
MA4FCP305 Si PIN Diode
MADP-000488-13740W Pin Diode
MNP0008-ET47P Silicon PIN Diode: NIP
MADP-007167-0287FT PIN Diode
MA4P506-131 PIN Diode
MADP-064908-131000 SURMOUNT PIN Diode Double Tee
MSAT-N25 NIP Diode Attenuator Shunt Element
MADP-000235-10720T High Avg. Power SMQ
MPN7310-H20 Silicon PIN Diode
MADP-000504-10720T High Average Power SMQ
MPN7312A-0805-2 Silicon PIN Diode
MA4PK2000 High Peak, Avg. Power
MA4P7437CA-287T PIN Diode
MSWSE-040-10 PIN Diode Series Switch Element
MADP-007167-11410T PIN Diode
MADP-04P709-0DIEW0 Pin Diode
MA4P7438CA-287T PIN Diode
MADP-000404-10720T Non Magnetic MELF PIN Diode
MADP-010015 Fast MRI Protection Diode
MADP-007436-12790T PIN Diode
MA4P506-255 PIN Diode
MMPN080045 MMPN Series PIN Diodes
MADP-007448-0287DT PIN Diode
MA4P1250-1072T High Avg. Power SMQ
MNP0010-T89P Silicon PIN Diode: NIP
MA4P1250NM-1072T High Average Power SMQ PIN Diode
MSWSH-040-30 PIN Diode Shunt Switch Element
MPN7420 High Power Si PIN Diodes
MNP0012-T55P Silicon PIN Diode: NIP
MA4PH236-1072T High Avg. Power SMQ
MA47418-134 PIN Attenuator Diode
MADP-007433-12790T PIN Diode
MADP-000907-14020P AIGaAs Pin Diode
MMP7080-128-1 Non-Magnetic MELF PIN Diodes
MPN7453A High Power Si PIN Diodes
MA4P607-296 PIN Diode
MAVR-046474-01340W GaAs Hyperabrupt
MMP7089-128-1 Non-Magnetic MELF PIN Diodes
MEST2G-160-10-CM33 PIN Diode Switch Element
MA4PK3000-1252 3000 V PIN Chip
MA4P7436CK-287T PIN Diode
MMP7065 High Power Switching and Attenuation
MA4P506-1072T PIN Diode
MA4PK2001 High Peak, Avg. Power
MA4P7433CK-287T PIN Diode
MA4P7455-1225 Quad PIN Diode Pi Attenuator
MMP7028 Fast Switching, Low Power
MA47222 PIN Diode
MA4P7437-287T PIN Diode
MPN7306-H20 Silicon PIN Diode
MA4PH238-1072T PIN Diode
MMP7027 Fast Switching, Low Power
MADP-007167-0287DT PIN Diode
SMPN7335-SOT23 Silicon PIN Diode
MA4PH237-1079T High Avg. Power SMQ
MMP7024 Fast Switching, Low Power
MEST2G-080-25 PIN Diode Switch Element
MA4P7436-1146T PIN Diode
MPN7310A-0805-2 Silicon PIN Diode
MADP-011127-11410T Non-Magnetic Surface Mount Plastic PIN (SMPP) Diodes
MADP-017015-1314 Surmount PIN Diode
MA4P606-131 PIN Diode
MA4P7455ST-1146T PIN Diode
MA4SPS552 PIN Diodes
MPN7320-0805-2 Silicon PIN Diode
MADP-007448-12790T PIN Diode
MMP7040 Medium Power, General Purpose
MMP7078-128-1 Non-Magnetic MELF PIN Diodes
MA4GP022 GaAs PIN Diode Chips
MA4P506-31 PIN Diode
MADP-011084-1134B0 Dual Anti-Parallel, Non-Magnetic, PIN Diode
MA4P7438-1141T PIN Diode
MADP-000234-10720T High Avg. Power SMQ
MADP-011028-14150T High Power PIN Diode
MA4PH235-1072T High Avg. Power SMQ
MA4P504-132 PIN Diode
MPN7310A Mesa PIN Diodes
MA4P4001BNM-402 High Power PIN Diode
MPN7312B-H20 Silicon PIN Diode
MA4P404-132 PIN Diode
MA4PH151-139T Axial Lead PIN Diode
MADP-011143-10720T Non-Magnetic MELF PIN Diode
MEST2G-150-20-CM26 PIN Diode Switch Element
MNP0014-T89P Silicon PIN Diode: NIP
MPN3001 Glass Package Switching PIN Diodes
MMP7020 Fast Switching, Low Power
MA4P7493-134 Microwave PIN Switch Diode
MA4P504-1072T PIN Diode
MADP-007417-10720T High Average Power SMQ PIN Diode
MMP7035 Fast Switching, Low Power
MA4P202-276 PIN Diode
MA4P7436-1141T PIN Diode
MA4P203-1056 PIN Diode
MA4SPS422 Surmount PIN Diode
MMP7092 PIN Chips
MA4P202-120 PIN Diode
MMP7026 Fast Switching, Low Power
MADP-007433-0287HT PIN Diode
MA4P7433CA-287T PIN Diode
MA4P1200-401 High Avg. Power SMQ
MA4FCP200 Si PIN Diode
MNP0012-T54P Silicon PIN Diode: NIP
MA47223 PIN Diode
MADP-030015-13140G Surmount PIN Diode
MPN7302-0805-2 Silicon PIN Diode
MADP-007438-0287DT PIN Diode
MNP0014-T54P Silicon PIN Diode: NIP
MADP-042405-130600 Surmount PIN Diode
MA4P7006B-401T High Average Power Axial Lead PIN Diode
MMP7060 High Power Switching and Attenuation
MNP0014-T55P Silicon PIN Diode: NIP
MA47047-54 Axial Lead PIN Diode
MADP-011048 Dual Pair Anti-Parallel Non-Magnetic PIN
MADP-007167-0287GT PIN Diode
MSWSH-020-24 PIN Diode Switch Element
MMP7089-127-1 MELF PIN Diodes
MADP-011037-13900 High Power PIN Diode
MA4P7455ST-287T PIN Diode
MMP7022 Fast Switching, Low Power
MSWSE-010-15S Silicon PIN Diode Switch Element
MMP7033 Fast Switching, Low Power
MA4P404-258 PIN Diode
MA4P303-1088 PIN Diode
MMP7011 Ultra Fast Switching
MA4P504-144 PIN Diode
MADP-007448-1146GT PIN Diode
MADP-008120-12790T PIN Diode
MA4SPS421 Surmount PIN Diode
MMP7078 High Average Power PIN Diode