General Purpose Broadband 40 V

MACOM's GaN HEMT devices are ideal for ultra-broadband amplifier applications that benefit from a reduction of heat-sink requirements. The intrinsic properties of high-power density, low parasitic, and high FT, allow for multi-octave to instantaneous bandwidth amplifiers. This product family consists of packaged, discrete transistors and discrete bare die (designed for hybrid amplifiers and multi-function transmit/receive modules) from output powers 6 W to 70 W (CW) at 40 V that are suitable for DC – 18 GHz applications.

Part Number Description
CGHV1J006D-GP4 6 W; 18.0 GHz; GaN HEMT Die
CGHV1F025 25 W; DC - 15 GHz; 40 V; GaN HEMT
CGHV1J025D-GP4 25 W; 18.0 GHz; GaN HEMT Die
CGHV1J070D-GP4 70 W; 18.0 GHz; GaN HEMT Die
CGHV1F006 6 W; DC - 15.0 GHz; 40 V; GaN HEMT