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20V to 250V Driver for High Power PIN Diode Switches
The MADR-010574 switch driver is designed to work with MACOM's high power and high voltage PIN diodes. This driver consists of two independently controlled drivers which are able to provide 200 mA series / 50 mA hunt current to a series/shunt, series/shunt SPDT PIN diode switch. The back bias voltage is configurable from 20 V to 250 V. High voltage level shifters are integrated so that it can be easily controlled by 3 V or 5 V CMOS logic. While consuming low quiescent current, this driver has a typical delay of less than 8 µs when driving 220 pF capacitor load. If needed, the switching speed can be improved by consuming more quiescent power. This driver is packaged in a lead free 7 mm PQFN- 16LD package and is available in tape and reel packaging for high volume applications.
  • 20 V to 250 V Back Bias in Off State
  • RoHS* Compliant and 260°C Reflow Compatible
  • Tape and Reel Packaging Available
  • 7 mm QFN-16LD Package
  • 3 V or 5 V CMOS Logic Control
  • Low Quiescent Current Consumption
  • 50 mA Shunt Diode Bias Current at +25°C
  • 200 mA Series Diode Bias Current at +25°C
  • Propagation Delay less than 8 µs
  • Aerospace and Defense
  • ISM
  • Vcc: 3.3 V
  • Vdd: 250 V
  • ISOURCE: 0 mA
  • ISINK: 200 mA
  • Propagation Delay: 8,000 ns
  • Rise/Fall Time: 2,000 nS
  • 7mm PQFN-16LD
Package Category
  • Plastic Surface Mount
  • DR-010574
Lead Finish
  • NiPdAuAg
  • Yes
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Part Number Package MACOM Richardson RFPD DigiKey Mouser Richardson Electronics
Sample Board, Driver, Pin diode, 200V
7MM PQFN-16LD Inquire

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