SmarterWorld RF Energy Summit

STADTHALLE ERDING - Alois-Schießl-Platz 1 - 85435 Erding, Germany

Solid state RF energy will change the landscape of many industries such as microwave ovens, plasma lighting, medical, automotive and heating in general. The promise is to bring the benefits of solid state technologies into one of the last realms dominated by clumsy, wear prone, energy and space consuming high voltage electromechanical systems (magnetrons), for generating electromagnetic waves.

At the SmarterWorld RF Energy Summit visitors will get the whole picture of the emerging solid state RF energy market. In close cooperation with the RF Energy Alliance, companies, engineering offices and research institutes as well as developers of subsystems aiming at different markets have been invited to present what is currently possible and what is to be expected in the near future from this exciting new technology.

RF Energy Summit