Indium Phosphide (InP)

MACOM's Commitment to Indium Phosphide

This technology enables MACOM to anchor its position as the leading provider of optoelectronic solutions, expanding our portfolio to now include Photonic content such as InP lasers. With highly differentiated etched facet technology, backed by broad patents and strong intellectual property we can now deliver customers significant system cost savings while solving their most complex challenges.

Optoelectronics & Photonics Portfolio

Indium Phosphide (InP)

Indium Phosphide Technology

Indium Phosphide (InP) is a key semiconductor material that enables optical systems to deliver the performance required for data center, mobile backhaul, metro and long-haul applications. Lasers, photodiodes and waveguides fabricated on InP operate at the optimum transmission window of glass fiber, which enable efficient fiber communications. MACOM’s proprietary Etched Facet Technology (EFT) allows wafer level testing similar to traditional semiconductor manufacturing. EFT enables high yield, high performance and reliable lasers.
MACOM has assumed a key position in the market as a premier supplier of both Photonic devices such as lasers, and Optoelectronics products such as high speed modulator drivers, based on InP technology.

Key Advantages

InP Lasers Diodes using MACOM’s proprietary Etched Facet Technology (EFT)

  • Scalable: InP wafers are available with diameters up to 4 inches, leading to a large number of devices obtained from each wafer.
  • High Speed: 25Gbps+ data rates are possible with directly modulated lasers based on InP wafers.
  • Reliable: A large variety of semiconductor crystals can be deposited on an InP wafer, allowing fabrication of highly reliable devices over wide temperatures.
  • Versatile: InP’s low refractive index enables its use as the cladding for laser waveguides.
  • Optimal:  InP is a direct bandgap material that enables the fabrication of single or integrated devices that absorb or emit at 1310 and 1550 nm, the two optimum wavelengths in the optical spectrum for fiber communications.
  • Future applications: InP is the preferred material to build laser sources for emerging silicon photonics products.

Optoelectronic products such as Laser and Modulator Drivers in InP HBT Technology

  • High gain designs in small area enabling single die solutions instead of using multiple dies.
  • High breakdown voltage compared to Si/Ge allows higher output capability
  • High ft/fmax allows for operation upto 45Gbs
  • Good linearity and noise performance.

Key Applications


Quad Channel 32 Gbps Linear Modulator Driver

The MAOM-03417B is a high performance quad channel linear modulator driver for 100 Gbps and 200 Gbps applications.