Self Aligning Etched Facet Technology

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MACOM's Commitment to SAEFT

This connectivity challenge is broadly seen throughout the industry, and there are lots of people in leading positions who are trying to solve the problem in different ways. The unique combination of our leading-edge laser design and manufacturing competency with our silicon PIC design talent, has yielded breakthroughs that unlock the potential of L-PICs, starting in places like Data Centers but with lots of legs into different markets in the future.



Self Aligning Etched Facet Technology (SAEFTTM) allows self-alignment of a laser either in edge-emitting or surface-emitting format to a silicon PIC, forming a Laser-PIC (L-PIC)

MACOM has been connecting electrical current to silicon chips for decades. We couple the electrical current with the high level of efficiency to avoid wasted current. Similarly, when we couple light to a silicon chip, we want to couple as much light as possible.Up to 80% coupling of light is an excellent level enabled by our SAEFT technology.

Cleaved Facet Lasers vs MACOM’s Etched Facet Technology